About Us

Deadline Solutions is a nearsourcing startup-development company located in Kiev, Ukraine, providing the broad range of software development services to it's customers including but not limited to: IT consulting, software development "from scratch", enchantment and optimization of existing systems, IT support.

The Core Team

Deadline Solutions' core team consists of experienced software developers that has at least 7 years of experience and at least master degree in Computer Sciense or Applied Mathematics. We constanly working toward the improvement of technical skills and learning cutting-edge technologies. Conducting internal seminars to share experience with junior developers. We're keeping in touch with local developers' community.

Juriy Bura - CEO

Juriy Bura is a Deadline Solutions' CEO. Professional Java Developer and Team leader in the past he's now responsible for project planning and management, communication with customers and team technical skill improvement.

Vadim Voituk - CTO

Vadim Voituk is a High Load projects' team leader. Development of scalable and fail-proof server solutions is his passion. Being the experienced SCRUM master he is continiously working on development process improvement.

Artyom Volkhonskiy - Head of UI department

Artyom Volkhonskiy is a UI Design team leader. He is a specialist in UI, usability and "Look and Feel" development. Having a 10 years of commercial experience his job is to make complex system intuitive even for a 10 years kid.

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Contact Details

Tel: +49 176 957 06 828

Email: team@deadline-solutions.com

We're available to meet you in
Berlin, Zurich, Hamburg or Kiev
and we speak English, Russian und ein bisschen Deutsch :)

Client Testimonials

Young, enthusiastic, hard-working and very clever person

Symon Moldavsky Chief Executive, Ukrainian Software Engineering Training Center "UkrSoftPro"

The fact that i'm already recommending Vadim for other projects explains it all. This is a hard-working professional who communicate efficiently and can handle short lead times with little guidance. What i also like about Vadim, is that he can approach a problem from a creative perspective if my specs are flawed.

Roman Pixell Strategy Warlock at Antrop AB, Sweden