About Us

Deadline Solutions is a nearsourcing startup-development company located in Kiev, Ukraine, providing the broad range of software development services to it's customers including but not limited to: IT consulting, software development "from scratch", enchantment and optimization of existing systems, IT support.

The Core Team

Deadline Solutions' core team consists of experienced software developers that has at least 7 years of experience and at least master degree in Computer Sciense or Applied Mathematics. We constanly working toward the improvement of technical skills and learning cutting-edge technologies. Conducting internal seminars to share experience with junior developers. We're keeping in touch with local developers' community.

Juriy Bura - CEO

Juriy Bura is a Deadline Solutions' CEO. Professional Java Developer and Team leader in the past he's now responsible for project planning and management, communication with customers and team technical skill improvement.

Vadim Voituk - CTO

Vadim Voituk is a High Load projects' team leader. Development of scalable and fail-proof server solutions is his passion. Being the experienced SCRUM master he is continiously working on development process improvement.

Artyom Volkhonskiy - Head of UI department

Artyom Volkhonskiy is a UI Design team leader. He is a specialist in UI, usability and "Look and Feel" development. Having a 10 years of commercial experience his job is to make complex system intuitive even for a 10 years kid.

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Contact Details

Tel: +49 176 957 06 828

Email: team@deadline-solutions.com

We're available to meet you in
Berlin, Zurich, Hamburg or Kiev
and we speak English, Russian und ein bisschen Deutsch :)

Client Testimonials

Young, enthusiastic, hard-working and very clever person

Symon Moldavsky Chief Executive, Ukrainian Software Engineering Training Center "UkrSoftPro"

Vadim is vigorous, he knows difference between how to do job and how to do it well.

Skakunov Alexander Senior Developer, Totem