We use agile practices for development of medium and complex projects. This gives numerous advantages for our customers including but not limited to:

  • Transparent project control
  • Increased the quality of the deliverables
  • Predictable and measurable productivity
  • Better control of the project schedule and state
  • short iterations, clear, unambiguous ways of calculating the velocity

The use of development cycle support software (version control systems, continious integration systems, unit testing practices and regular code reviews) produce high quality source code and deliverables.

Key Technologies and Platforms.

In our development we've chosen to use a well-tested technology stack. Each platform is highly supported industrial standard that can be extended and supported in the future.

  • PHP - for lightweight e-commerce solutions and websites
  • Java EE - for high-load high-security solutions like social networks.
  • Java Standard edition - for desktop applications
  • JavaScript - for building rich user interfaces (web solutions)
  • HTML5/CSS3 - for building site markup
  • J2ME/BlackBerry/Android/iPhone - for native mobile applications
  • MySQL/XtraDB - for reliable data storage backend

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Client Testimonials

Juriy is very intelligent and high skilled professional. I recommend him for tasks with any complexity.

Igor Leonets Program manager/Site manager (Deutsche Bank ODC)

I was involving Juriy in pre-sale activities, specifically - we were elaborating solutions for our potential customers. It was very productive work. Juriy was always able to grasp new domains of customers' interest very fast and this provided us with the ability to react rapidly. Juriy demonstrated good combination of technological expertise and business senses. I enjoyed working together. I enjoyed being able to prepare a full-fledged solution in two days and enjoyed a lot finding additional opportunities for our customers - new features, new metaphors, something that makes you different from other companies that bid the same lead. And that's why I would be glad to work with Juriy again

Alex Yakima Head Of ISV Practice, Luxoft