Skilled PHP Developer

We`re looking for skilled strongly result-oriented web-developer who dream to be part in a rapidly growing web-startup project.
Here is our requirements to sucessful candidates:

Strong (critical) knowledge of:

  • PHP5: Core library functions, OOP, performance optimization tips and tricks, PHP5.3 features.
  • MySQL: SQL-dialect features, core functions, performance related issues, optimization tips&tricks, experience of using of InnoDB & MyISAM tables.
  • JavaScript language / XML / Ajax in common
  • Regular expressions
  • Middle level *nix user
  • Middle level of xHTML Strict / CSS / W3C Validation
  • Middle level of SVN / CVS / git / etc
  • Clear mind and responsibility for own code
  • Lack of technology-related complexes :)
  • Willing to become a "rock-star" developer (if you`re not a rock-star yet)

Desired skills:

  • Experience in high-loaded projects
  • Experience working with huge databases
  • Good unix user with little unix admin experience
  • nginx, memcached / memcachedb, APC, php-fpm
  • Sphinx
  • Gearman
  • MySQL replication, MySQL cluster
  • Prototype.js Framework
  • Amazon / GoGrid cloud services
  • Technology related BS / MS
  • Discrete mathematics and graph-theory basics
Please send your CV to

Contact Details

Tel: +49 176 957 06 828


We're available to meet you in
Berlin, Zurich, Hamburg or Kiev
and we speak English, Russian und ein bisschen Deutsch :)